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We develop our clients’ business opportunities and enable continuous learning in organisations, through a variety of methods and digital tools.

About Faros & Com

Faros & Com is a combination of leadership and organisational development and pedagogically designed digital learning solutions. With this combination, we solve the skills challenges of modern working life.

We are a Finnish, privately owned company employing 25 competence development experts.

Faros & Com exists because we believe that everyone has the right to be successful in their work and developing experts ensure a company’s success. We work hard to ensure that all employees in our client companies have the opportunity to learn and utilise their own expertise.


Our services

Our services combine business development and the development of modern working life skills.

Your goal is important to us, which is why the service solution we provide is always designed to support your goal.

Our team

Our team is made up of business developers, leadership and workplace change experts, competence developers, adult educators, pedagogical experts, graphic designers, web designers and learning management system experts.

We are united by the desire to develop the operations of our client companies!

The email addresses of our staff are in the form firstname.lastname at

Aleksi Saarikkomäki
Aleksi SaarikkomäkiSales Director
Anna Valtonen
Anna ValtonenDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Anna-Maria Repo
Anna-Maria RepoKey Account Manager
Arja Sipola
Arja SipolaDigital Learning Solutions Director
Elina Pärnä
Elina PärnäDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Henri Lappalainen
Henri LappalainenGraphic Designer
Henry Koskinen
Henry KoskinenVideo Content Designer
Ilkka Wäck
Ilkka WäckDirector, Business transformations
Jani Sipola
Jani SipolaTechnology Director
Jouko Tuominen
Jouko TuominenDirector, Leadership Developer
Kasper Åberg
Kasper ÅbergDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Kati Torniainen
Kati TorniainenDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Laura Sobott
Laura SobottDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Markku Tähtinen
Markku TähtinenProduction Manager
Merja Pakarinen
Merja PakarinenDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Minna Järvensalo
Minna JärvensaloManaging Director
Pekka Soini
Pekka SoiniPartner
Reeta Pölönen
Reeta PölönenKey Account Manager
Riikka Huhtala
Riikka HuhtalaLearning Solutions Specialist
Riina Juslin (on parental leave)
Riina Juslin (on parental leave)Account Manager
Suvi Sankelo
Suvi SankeloDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Teija Riikonen
Teija RiikonenDigital Learning Solutions Specialist
Tero Riskilä
Tero RiskiläDigital Learning Solutions Specialist

Our clients

We work with global and local brands across retail, services, education, production and technology business.

Contact us or come in for a coffee!

Whatever your needs are for competence development, feel free to contact us and let us help you achieve your goals.

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