A successful learning experience starts with curiosity and openness. That is where the growth of individuals and the community begins.

The key to training is learning and achieving results. We build eLearning courses and learning content to support business performance and development goals. We create rewarding and engaging learning experiences for personnel, the benefits of which are visible in everyday work.
We plan and implement effective eLearning courses using pedagogical methods or help experts in organizations to implement them themselves.

Train effectively with an eLearning course

With a pedagogically straightforward eLearning course, you can achieve things quickly, effectively, and impressively.

Online training is a cost-effective way to develop the organization’s skills in the desired direction.

Based on the organization’s needs, we can create a lighter digital learning content suitable for information or a more pedagogically multidimensional eLearning solution that supports learning.

We plan the content, teaching methods and visuals of the eLearning courses to support the achievement of the organization’s goals. In eLearning courses, we focus especially on usability and activation methods that promote learning. We support the achievement of learning outcomes with work-applicable tasks and guiding feedback.

Online training also supports the uniform implementation of changes internationally. The localization of the eLearning course speeds up the assimilation of information and promotes the main goal of the course, i.e., the internalization of information.

Implement an eLearning course with our help

Focus your expertise on the essentials. Ask for help in areas where your organization needs it.

We help organizations to implement effective, high-quality, and pedagogical principles-compliant eLearning courses and digital learning content themselves.

We guide and mentor the organization’s experts as needed, in planning, writing scripts, using production tools, and the course publishing process.

We implement templates and element libraries that enhance the construction of eLearning courses for different production tools – in accordance with brand guidelines.

Take advantage of our ready-made eLearning courses

Make your staff work more efficiently with ready-made eLearning courses.

Our ready-made courses include training for the most common work-enhancing skills. In our online courses, we invest especially in learning by doing, and our courses contain a lot of practical exercises.

The eLearning courses have already been made in accordance with the standards of learning management systems and can be added to the organization’s own LMS.

We tailor the courses according to the customer, including adding the organization’s logo and selecting specific quizzes and/or tests. This ensures that the content is suitable for the organization’s personnel and cover the most important subject areas.

Our ready-made eLearning courses:

Time management

Customer service

Challenging service situations

Master the basics of data protection

Make information security a habit

Working in a work community