business development

Effective business development always starts from a businesses’ goals.

We help the company’s management teams to communicate business’ goals in a way that everyone can understand, we identify the obstacles and bottlenecks of growth, and we offer pedagogical means to turn the achievement of goals into everyday activity. We also develop the supervisory work of managers with pedagogical and result-oriented means.

We conduct thorough strategy development projects, starting from mapping the initial situation, through to developing and implementing a new, dynamic strategy in the organization. We also organize training programs leading to a business degree, in cooperation with educational institutions.

Develop quality leadership

High-quality leadership is a professional skill that can and should be developed.

Leadership team development is business development. We develop the quality of company leadership and business with the help of customized development programs and coaching processes. Our leadership experts have strong personal experience from leadership and management positions.

Our leadership experts implement leadership development programs supported by The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ model. Our development programs are always built with the group’s goals and needs in mind.

Good managers ensure the team’s success

Team managers play a significant role in the implementation of the organization’s strategy. Good managers and managerial work ensure goal-oriented development of personnel competences and effective operations.

We develop managers through coaching and communal workshops. By facilitating the workshops, we ensure the effectiveness of joint development and utilize the development potential of each workshop participant. Based on the training, we can also create a digital handbook to support the organization’s managers in accordance with their needs.

We always tailor training to the organization’s needs, taking into account strategy and change programs. Frequently recurring themes include “me as a leader”, “the rights and responsibilities of a manager”, “coaching leadership”, “interaction styles” and “change management”.

Succeed with a winning strategy

Strategy guides an organization’s operations. To ensure success, the entire staff must commit to working towards the common goals.

We conduct strategy development projects, starting from mapping the initial situation, through to developing and implementing a new strategy in the organization. We plan the implementation of the project in advance, while maintaining the ability to quickly adapt and make necessary changes. The implementation is monitored and directed by the steering group, and the project reports back at regular intervals as agreed, to both the management and the board.​

We have modeled strategy processes for many different situations. The end result of our straightforward progression model outlines the organization’s key development areas in order to achieve the set strategic goal.

Ensure competence with degree training

The success of the organization starts from skilled personnel.

In industry-specific training which leads to a degree, the employee develops their business skills and studies for a profession alongside their work.

About 200 students graduate from our business education programs every year. In apprenticeship training, the content of the training is always planned based on the student’s skills and the competence needs of future working life in mind. In planning the study path, previously acquired know-how, professional experience and readiness for studying are taken into account. We implement the trainings in cooperation with educational institutions.