Learning management systems and
competence management

A good learning management system (LMS) promotes learning and the development of organizational competence.

With the help of a learning platform, organizations are able to manage the development of their personnel’s skills utilizing various monitoring, reporting and analytics tools.

We build effective learning management systems for organizations. We design the learning platform in such a way that the eLearning courses and learning content form a logical and learning-promoting entity for the user.

Loisto learning management system

Loisto-LMS supports the learning that organizations aim for.

The Loisto learning system reduces information clutter by creating and sharing learning content with easy-to-use tools, for example by department, company, or country. Studying can also be guided by creating different study paths. The learning management system can be used to share not only eLearning courses but also other learning materials such as links, webinars, and blogs.

Competence is managed by monitoring performance in real time and by rewarding learners with various certificates and badges of competence. The accumulation of competences is ensured by means of effectiveness surveys.

In building the learning platform, we use the open-source Moodle learning management system, which enables the platform to be customized to the organization’s needs, both in terms of functionality and appearance.

Why choose Loisto?

  • You get access to the instruction and support platform Visio
  • Includes easy-to-use tools for creating versatile eLearning content
  • Can be customized according to the organization’s needs
  • Pedagogical and user-friendly
  • No user limits
  • Can be integrated with other systems
  • Top-level data protection and information security
  • Works on a server located in Finland